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» Blacktrench's nWoD Experience Chart, A breakdown of how you will be rewarded!
 Posted: Mar 7 2012, 02:34 PM
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Experience Breakdown per session

1 pt - Surviving
1 pt - Role-Playing
1 pt - Achieving/working towards Goals Edit: You may now receive 1 pt/goal!

Bonus Experience!

I will give extra experience for use of skills/attributes that warrants dedicated* experience points being awarded to the player.

* The experience point may only be used on the Skill/Attribute that the point is awarded for.

I will note that this "bonus" experience will be awarded depending on your skill level as it will take much more work to get a dedicated experience point for a skill you already have 4 dots in rather than 1.

Bonus experience will be capped at 7 points per session giving you the potential to gain 10 points per session.

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