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» Giant Robots, An Epilogue
Jimbo Cactaur
 Posted: Mar 15 2015, 01:42 AM
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CTN News: International

Newswoman, "The world is still reeling from last nights devastating attack on the Magadan Capitol of Anadyr and the surrounding countryside. The Collective has yet to release much information publicly, but sources confirm that Chancellor Andrey Pechyony was not in the area at the time."

"So far no conclusive statements have been made as to the type of weapon that caused the 38,000 hectare "dead-zone", but eyewitnesses report that it appeared from the sky as beams of light that shattered into a blazing lightning storm. Most electronic systems within 50 kilometers of the zone are reported to be inoperable as well although those living in the area appear in relatively good health."

"The source of the attacks also still unknown. No government or organization has yet claimed responsibility, and Cascadia, the well known rival of the Magadan Collective, quickly issued a statement swearing that they had no hand in this act of barbaric terrorism. Leading analysts consider one of two options; either the attack was extraterrestrial in origin or it was the work of a unsanctioned private extremist group. Brittannia, Cascadia, the Empire of Japon and the Confederacy have all been working together to narrow down the list of organizations capable of such a powerful move, but such cooperation is fraught with its own perils and militarys around the world have been put into high alert and in some instances mobilized."


Newswoman, "In national news: What would you think if you found a strange mecha crash landed on the back nine at your favorite golf course?" *sound bite* 'what in thee heeel?!' "That's what I would think too. A pair of golfers who are residents at the Sandy Acres Retirement Home in southern Floreda stumbled upon the wreck around 8:45am during their morning round. It was half submerged in the water hazard and the authorities say that the pilot was found partially consumed by one of the local 'gators. Talk about water hazard. It attracted quite a crowd before the RIA showed up to cart it off without a word to the press, but our boys in the analysis department were able to enhance some of the photo's taken by the bystanders for us to show you here."
Totally dorky voice, "As you can see by the actuator motor covers this is not a standard issue military Mecha. The thrust vectoring blades sticking out of the water alone prove that this model was at least experimental, and the black paint job indicates that it was covert ops or stealth capable."
Newswoman, "So the question is, is this one of ours or is it possibly a downed enemy spy mecha?
Totally dorky voice tinged with authority, "This mecha was definitely not made in any of our standard factories. The telltales signs are the shape of the cockpit ejection mechanisim, even damaged as you can see here it has this elaborate shape..."
Newswoman, "That sounds terribly interesting, but I think that story has run out of time. Next we will take a look at the new-found healing properties of the grey sludge from Deep Gulch New Mecico..."


Over the Atlantic

"This is Hallmark flight control to Gumbo, Gumbo do you read me? I repeat, Hallmark flight control to Gumbo, you are coming in a little hot there, reduce your speed at once, over."

"There we go. Gumbo, Commander Spangler would like to know what the hell just happened up there, over."


Lord Kenichi, "My apologies for the use of a knockout gas Captain Perry, but I could not be too careful."

Nate Perry is sitting upright in a comfortable chair with his arms tied behind his back. Kenichi paces the well furnished room before him like a caged tiger. "I feel that we have, both of us, been duped. Of all my staff, scientists, and researchers there are none left for me to trust. Some from your people must be corrupted too. I feel like we therefore have no other choice but to trust each other. I will continue to head my company under the guise of certainty of objectives, but I wish your counsel in all things. It will be a delicate balance, appearance of devotion veiling a soul of mistrust. But together we can protect our race and our planet. Are you with me?"


Commander Spangler stands stiffly at the front of the board room. "We have been dealt a critical blow, ladies and gentlemen. Not just in the loss of some of our finest pilots and most advanced mecha, nor for our failure to prevent Asano Tech Corp. from dealing our allies a similar blow. Our contacts within various governments, those that would still speak to me, albeit while try to trace our connection, have told us that we are the primary suspects in the attack. According to them Asano Tech does not and has never existed, we are accused of global terrorism, we are being hunted. We must now go deep black. If any of you wish to depart the service I understand, you will be allowed to leave, but you will not be safe, nor will your families. This threat must be dealt with and we are again alone in this fight."
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