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Posted by: dingo Jul 18 2011, 07:05 PM
In the past few weeks I've come up with some ideas about what I want to do with the Urban Arcana setting. I've even made some headway in developing a campaign plot which I think will satisfy some of the requests made by you, the players. However, its premise, which I do not care to divulge right now, depends on something which I had planned to be an important part of the current-ish campaign. That is to say, Part 3 has to come after Part 2. And since all of the campaigns we've had going are either finished or nearly so, I'd like to end the hiatus in the next month or so and get back to the game.

And now, the questions of format and scheduling. Would you prefer that I switch back to tabletop format or follow through with the play-by-post? Obviously there are merits and drawbacks to both sides, and while I am biased towards tabletop gaming, my preference is only one component of the decision.

So, how 'bout it?

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Jul 18 2011, 10:27 PM
Well, the pbp didn't seem to follow right on the heels of where we left of in the tabletop game, how is that going to be reconciled? I personally liked where we were going in the tabletop game, but I have to say that it is a lot easier for me to participate in a pbp game right now.

Also there is the (dis)advantage inheirent in pbp games that they allow one to play their character as initially envisioned. I like the time to ponder my actions, but I find myself more rigid in my characters stance in each situation, whereas in a tabletop game the energy of the group may carry my character along a path they might not have taken if given adequate thinking time. This latter effect is often good for the campaign.

I am personally torn, though I do wish to see a continuation.

Posted by: dingo Jul 19 2011, 08:40 PM
Jimbo, I definitely agree with your point about the immediacy of tabletop RPG's. To me, PBP's lack a lot on the gameplay side of things. They're more like collaborative fiction writing, and in general, I find it more difficult to stay energized and invested in them. As a GM that's always an issue, but it seems that I'm not alone, since other people have fallen behind in posting too.

The more I think about it, though, the less I want to stick with the PBP format. Not to rag on it, since it seems people are having plenty of fun playing the L5R games, but it really does not meet the needs of this game, other than the scheduling issues. I'd almost rather just do sessions whenever we can and stay really focused. A condensed campaign, if you will. Jimbo, when is the next time you can make an RPG session?

Just kidding. But seriously.

Oh, and as far as the events of the campaign so far, the PBP part is canon. While the tabletop part was much more fun, I'd had time to rework and refine my ideas for the PBP, and I think it had better story possibilities.

Posted by: Greg Jul 21 2011, 08:41 PM
I'd be cool with finishing off the whole Demon of the Void plotline.

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