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» L5R: Steel & Honour, Chapter 8
 Posted: Apr 4 2011, 10:54 AM
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Kaede hears Shika's barking, and heads over to her. Upon reaching her, he scratches her behind the ears, and checks the ground around her. "Oy, Shika-Chan. Have you found anything here?"
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Jimbo Cactaur
 Posted: Apr 4 2011, 08:53 PM
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Shika has indeed found something; Kaede's katana lies tangled in a crushed shrubbery. Black gore slowly drips off the blade, smoking as it falls. In fact, all throughout the clearing wherever the Oni's black blood was spilled or splattered small wisps of acrid smelling smoke spiral slowly to the sky.

Shika's tail wags faster when Kaede scratches her behind the ears.

Kiyoshi guides the nervous pony around the large trees in the forest toward the clearing. As they near the pony becomes more skittish, it's nostrils flaring and eyes rolling. It digs in it's hooves and refuses to enter the clearing. Kiyoshi understands the animals hesitation and leads it around the clearing, keeping away from the majority of the spilled blood. Once nearer the riverbank the fresh breeze drives any offensive smells away.

Yoritomo Buntaro shouts across to the remaining bushi,
"Okay, time to head out! Quickly, quickly, everyone on the boat!" The Mantis left on the shore quickly trot over to the boarding ramp where the pony and sledge are being maneuvered onto the bobbing kobune. They don't even pause to gauge the flow of the river and the drift of the craft before they leap from the bank onto the low railing and then the deck of the ship.

They stow their weapons securely within easy reach and begin the process of cutting loose even as Kaede and Reijiro run to board.

The Unknown Path slowly moves away from the bank and then into the swifter current. Oars extend and sails are lowered and the sleek craft begins to travel up the river.

All the party's needs are met, which includes places to sleep, food to eat, and replacement clothing, even Kiyoshi's request for oil for his sword. The Shugenja tends to any lingering wounds, and even tries her hand at whatever ails Goro, but to no avail.

End Chapter 8.

Chapter 9 will begin Tuesday night.
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 Posted: Apr 5 2011, 03:13 PM
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It seems crazy to think we started that chapter a year and a half ago. But it finished really well. Kudos to all :D You think we'll ever pick up more players for the thread? How about your fiancée? ;)
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