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» System Tutors, passing on the knowledge
Jimbo Cactaur
 Posted: Feb 9 2011, 08:19 AM
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Well, redeadlink mentioned that he had a need to learn the SW Saga rules and mechanics before he could run a game with it. And it's true, a GM needs a firmer grasp on the system than his players usually. GMs arbitrate the rules all while keeping the game running smoothly, and looking up obscure rules or bonuses runs counter to that.

I propose that anyone who has experience GMing with a certain system, and who wouldn't mind tutoring a new GM, should reply with the system(s) they are good at here so that they can pass on their wisdom. Not saying I am wise or anything, just that it is sometimes easier to learn from another person instead of just a book.

Anyway, to start, I am pretty familiar with The Legend of the Five Rings' Roll and Keep d10 system, as I've even used it in a homebrew. Also I have been running Warhammer Fantasy 2nd ed. which is d100, or % system. Either of those I would be willing to tutor. I know other players here have experience with other systems, these are just two of my strongest.
PMEmail Poster
 Posted: Feb 9 2011, 09:01 AM
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I can primarily tutor Star Wars Saga edition, savage worlds, and a bit of l5r, as I have GM'ing experience in all three categories.
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