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» Holiday in Tek T'Lau, Crime and intrigue in the tropics
 Posted: Jun 20 2012, 12:56 AM
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Sorry for not posting earlier. I'm a little burnt out from blogging all day, but there are things I can tell you right now: we'll be using the Storytelling system, the same one as we use in blacktrench's WoD campaign. I haven't worked out any system hacks, but there's a chance we might be using alternative morality systems. Also, having glanced over the worldbuilding notes from the DoW map, some low-level magic does seem to fit into the setting.

I had talked about doing a setting primer, but to be honest the whole setting isn't relevant to the story. I'd still like to talk with the people who were present at that session and get a little more of their interpretations of their own creations, especially Aggregate, but I want to keep the scope mainly limited to the immediate area.

That said, I'll soon have something typed up about the main city, Tek T'Lau, and sahred with you guys over Google Drive. Also, any questions you guys have about the setting can be asked here.
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