Forum Rules and Guidelines

  1. Spamming the forum or forum members is not permitted.

  2. Trolling is not permitted, trolls will be warned and their posts may be subject to deletion.

  3. Profanities are not permitted. Aside from being rude, they are a waste of space. Perhaps try to expand your vocabulary.

  4. Offensive images are not permitted. This includes: Nudity/pornography, extreme violence or gore, and racially or religiously hateful images.

  5. Do not link to any material of a pornographic nature.

  6. Do not link to illegal or copy written material.

  7. Do not try to disguise a link.

  8. Do not share your account with anyone; it is yours alone.

  9. Do not register more than one account.

  10. Do not ask to be a Moderator.

  11. Do not ask to be an Administrator.

  12. Do not reveal any personal information about yourself outside of your profile.

  13. Do not bump threads.

  14. Do not bump your post count with trivial posts.

  15. Avoid necromancy. "It's dead Jim."

  16. This is an English language forum, all posts should be in English or contain an approximate English translation.

  17. English may not be everyone's first language, be respectful of this.

  18. If you have problems with another user contact a Moderator first.

  19. Please be courteous and respectful to other users, as it makes everyone happier, and you never know when someone else will hold the fate of your character in their hands.

  20. Some people think there are no real rules about moderation. You are entitled to think that too - enjoy your ban.