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Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Jul 30 2013, 11:24 PM
The air is warm and muggy so deep underground, as if the fires of the earth might erupt from a fissure at any moment. If anything it would at least provide some welcome light. Reijiro holds the great no-dachi out before him with one hand and cautiously traces the wall of the cavern with the other. The spell of Wave Borne Speed that Moshi Kinyo cast upon him has long since died out but his heart still pounds in his ears like thunder. Even still he can tell when the path he follows widens and narrows, when the echos of his footfalls betray the deep chasms on either side. He has seen no sign of his quarry for some time, he has seen nothing at all but the occasional pulse of green light emanating from the Lion's blade to help him choose his way. The last spawn he faced was over an hour ago, and though his going is slow he is much further below the surface now.

The sword hasn't glowed now for a mile or more. He is lost.


The party comes upon the seventh scene of conflict in these caverns. Like all the dead spawn before it this one has a single long wound cutting down its side. By the sprays of black blood on the walls it struggled for some time afterward, but the first strike was the last, and deadly.

Shortly after the ratling pauses. His nose raised he sniffs the stale air.
"Jiro-san went-went that way, but demon did not."

Kitsune Kiyoshi holds his torch higher and looks about. Toku Kaede turns from the dead spawn and points out the obvious. "But the tunnel doesn't split here Nik'rr'tck, it had to have gone that way. What else would Reijiro be following?"

"Maybe the ronin is lost, or perhaps now that he has his prize he seeks to flee both us and the oni." States Daidoji Ebizu.

The masked samurai points upward to a shadow high in the wall above where the nezumi is still snuffling about for a trace.
"You might be partly right noble Crane. He did not think to bring with him a torch, nor so many friends."

"Well then," the Crane replies, "Which of our quarries do we follow?"

"My spell will have run out by now, and if he cannot see he cannot go fast or risk falling to his death, and that sword looks like it has been an effective weapon against the oni spawn so far." Says Kinyo.

Kaede scratches his stubble and says absentmindedly,
"I think I could climb up there."

Posted by: Chronocide Aug 4 2013, 10:07 PM
"I pray that Reijiroo-san safe, but the ooni is a much more pressing matter. Let me give you a hand up Tooku-san"

Posted by: redeadlink Aug 9 2013, 01:54 AM
"While I agree that the Oni needs to be dealt with, that sword contains all the honour that my family has left. If I lose it because some ronin couldn't keep his kleptomaniac tendencies under control, I can never rest in peace. I will continue after the ronin."

Akio continues down the main cave.

Posted by: Chronocide Aug 9 2013, 10:04 PM
"For my part I hoold that oone who willingly releases that which he treasures for the greater good of the Empire stores up for himself greater honour by far then any other. Though I cannot knoow all that drives your choosing, I trust that you will do what you believe must be done.
To the extent that it concerns me you need not worry about your honour."

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Aug 12 2013, 06:33 AM
'Clang', 'clang', 'clang'. Reijiro swings the no-dachi back and forth striking stone with each slow swing. The blade does not glow again, but each strike sheds a small shower of sparks. It is not much, but enough to see some way around.

He comes to a cross, chooses left and then continues. After twenty minutes he comes to a small cavern with no discernable exit. He slowly walks the perimeter striking the walls hoping for some direction to reveal itself, even some spawn would be better than nothing. The fire in his chest begins to give way to hopelessness.

Then he spots some movement accompanied by a strange fluid sound that he cannot place. In the flicker of sparks he sees a dark shape, scales and bulbous eyes, standing by the far wall. The next flicker shows him short sharp teeth and a clawed hand reaching for him quite close...


"I do not believe that we are a match for the Oni Lord without the Lion's weapon or the ronin. I think we should find him first. We can move much faster knowing that there are no oni spawn ahead." Says Kinyo.

Ebizu shakes his head.
"No, from what we have learned about this demon we must track it down and kill it as soon as possible. If we do not it will only find another lair and begin this cycle over again."

"I will go with Toku-san and Kitsune-san." Says the masked samurai.

Kaede scrambles up the wall with a boost from Kiyoshi.
"It went this way alright, a tight fit for him, but not so bad for us. Here Nik'rr'tck, you are the lightest, I will pass down my rope."

The Ratling quickly climbs the rope and the Monkey calls for the next person to climb up.

Moshi Kinyo turns to Akio,
"I am with you in your quest Matsu-san. I can perhaps reunite us before the final battle. I hope we will not be too late." She says it with a certain sadness, as if she is privy to something that no others can understand.

Daidoji Ebizu grunts a gruff acknowledgement and labouriously climbs the rope.

Posted by: Chronocide Aug 18 2013, 09:05 PM
The last to ascend the rope, Kiyoshi pauses and considers the situation. While he is sure that everyone is doing what they believe is right, he doesn't think that splitting up is a good idea... not a good idea at all.

Posted by: redeadlink Aug 21 2013, 12:25 AM
"Stay close, then, Moshi-san. We wouldn't want to have you go missing now."

Akio heads off down the tunnel after helping boost up the rest of the party.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Sep 8 2013, 10:46 PM
Reijiro strikes without thought, adjusting his regular kata to the additional length of the sword automatically. Mid swing the blade begins to glow and he glimpses some strange beast lifting an arm as if to ward off the blow. His cut is perfect but the creature remains where it is. He hears the strange fluid sound again and finds his hands hold only the hilt of the greatsword. The five foot long blade glows in a puddle on the floor. Through some sorcery his attacker has stripped him of his weapon. He pulls forth his tanto and tries to charge ahead, but he nearly falls flat on his face. Pulling himself up off the ground the ronin sees that his legs have sunk into solid stone up to his knees. The reptilian creature turns away from him silently and regards the glowing puddle.


Moshi Kinyo pulls a small scroll from a case in her obi as they walk and quietly murmurs the words. Behind them the sounds of the other party quickly disappear. As she finishes her spell the scroll catches fire and turns to ash in her hands. The last finger of flame, however, jumps into the air ahead of her and keeps burning. It is only as large as a candle, but still enough to see by.
"We should be able to go fairly quickly now, but at the next intersection I would wish to stop and commune with the earth kami."


Nik'rr'tck quickly takes the lead through the tight winding tunnel. Bits of black fur cling to the jagged walls where the oni lord must have had a very tight fit. They walk hunched and in silence for a time, but as the way becomes wider they begin to travel side by side and the conversation continues in hushed tones.

"Do you need to rest a bit Daidoji-san? It was only a day or so ago that we found you nearly dead." Asks Kaede.

The Crane simply replies,
"I am an Iron Crane." and leaves it at that.

The masked samurai walks just behind Kaede, listening intently to every little thing that comes out of his mouth. The smiling Hakkuko mask echos slightly as it turns around to Kiyoshi and asks,
"Kitsune-san, how have you enjoyed this one as a traveling companion?"

Posted by: redeadlink Sep 10 2013, 09:15 PM


dammit Jimbo.


"Many thanks for the light, Moshi-san. Let us move quickly."

The Lion strides down the tunnel, his hammer slung across his shoulders and the recovered javelin strapped to his back.

The javelin i picked up at the end of the last battle, in case you were wondering. i gave the yari to Kitsune and kept the javelin.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Sep 10 2013, 10:33 PM

After about ten minutes of walking down a very slight incline the Mantis Shugenja and Lion Deathseeker come to a split. A path leads off to their right, descending at roughly the same rate, and the other continues straight ahead but levels out as far as they can see. The air is musty no matter how much the Lion sniffs.

Moshi Kinyo puts her hand lightly on Akio's shoulder,
"This will take a couple minutes. I will commune with the kami here and try to find out what I can about the oni lord as well as the ronin. The earth spirits are strange though, they are old and not very active, most this deep underground will be immune to my call. Those that will hear me may not easily answer, and their answers will be from the perspective of the stone in which they live, almost riddles to us. Do you have any questions you think I should ask them?"

She seats herself down on the ground cross legged with her back positioned against a wall of rough stone.

Posted by: Chronocide Sep 12 2013, 07:19 PM
Kiyoshi finds the masked samurai's way off asking a bit odd and thinks a moment before responding "You honour me to ask for my oopinion in spite of scarcely knoowing who I am. I am by the way, Kitsune Kiyoshi at your service. As for Toku-san he is an earnest if not a bit irregular and inconsistent samurai. Doesn't seem the sort to run away that's for sure, though what drives him and what he values I cannot say. What about yourself? What has brought you to us? For I am most grateful for your help."

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Sep 13 2013, 01:32 AM
"I have been with you for quite some time Kitsune-san, though not always seen. Kaede-san has grown very dear to me." A pause and then the voice continues and a smile can be hear through the mask. "He values his family and his friends, and he is driven by what is right, don't you think? He is a sensitive soul."

Perhaps it is the idealistic words colouring his perception, but the voice sounds suddenly very young to the Fox, and somewhat naive.

"I am here as a helper, and as a watcher. You can call me Hitasura. What drives you?"

Posted by: Itinerant Sep 14 2013, 11:05 AM
Oops, I totally forgot this thread existed for the last month. blink.gif It hit me like a wave today and I rushed home to post! Jimbo, thanks for posting on my behalf!

Reijiro regards the sticky situation he has gotten himself into. The strange fluid sound, seems to be some sort of illusionary lake in the center of the cavern. He looks at the strange creature, silhouetted by the glowing light of displaced blade. He attempts to backtrack to solid land, in hopes that he can circle around the edge of the cavern, figuring that the illusionary lake is deepest in the center, and could be circumnavigated by staying close to the wall. If he can just get to the blade, he might be able to re-engage the creature with it.

Posted by: redeadlink Sep 15 2013, 11:55 AM
"I do not know of anything specifically to ask, Moshi-san. I leave that matter in your capable hands."

Akio takes up a defensive position near Moshi Kinyo.

"None shall get through to you while I yet live."

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Sep 19 2013, 11:00 PM
Reijiro finds that he cannot move his legs no matter how much he struggles. A sense of claustrophobia, not yet triggered by all the tonnes of earth above him, begins to seep into his mind causing his heart to pound. He reaches down and touches the surface of what he believes is a hidden lake and his fingers meet solid stone. He has heard of great shugenja and heroic efforts causing the ground to split open and devour whole armies, but never something so subtle as this.

The creature makes a rattling and hissing in its throat as if conversing with someone unseen in a strange language. After about a minute and half of leaving the ronin helplessly trying to escape it turns on him and points a clawed finger at his face.
"Theeessss neemuraaani eesss no ghyourrrrrssss." It takes Reijiro a moment to realize the thing speaks a rough form of Rokugani.


Moshi Kinyo rolls her eyes once and then closes them,
"Typical, thinking with your spear."

She murmurs unintelligibly for a few moments and then sits bolt upright as if she has been shocked. Her body tenses and her fingers clench into fists. Akio watches cautiously, wondering if this could be normal. The colour drains from her face and tears begin to leak out of her closed eyes. Her back arches sharply and she tilts her head back cracking her skull on the stone wall behind her.

Posted by: redeadlink Sep 20 2013, 06:06 PM

Akio places his hammer down next to the fallen shugenja, and checks her head for serious damage.

"Moshi-san, are you alright? What happened? What's going on?"

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Sep 21 2013, 11:27 PM
As Akio grabs Kinyo's shoulders to check her he feels a jolt of raw power and light overwhelm his senses. Another presence invades his mind, one that is dark and vengeful. It feels primal and angry inside his head, like a hot tanto in his eyes.

His thoughts return to a battle long ago where his force was outnumbered and yet he helped lead his men to glorious victory, and now his mind plays back the memory in a distorted way. He tries to call a command or shout a warning, but nothing but dry sand comes from his mouth and men perish... An enemy spearman rushes at his comrade from behind and when he leaps to cut the coward down his legs crumble like brittle clay... His men charge beside him, a unified line to push back their foes, but he can't keep up, his armour and sword feel made of stone, he cannot keep up and the line is broken. These twisted memories wrack him with unearned guilt, and then from deeper down is pulled the memory of his true shame, all true and he is about to despair. A weight pushes down on him from above and he knows he cannot hope to persevere, nor does he deserve to. Utter failure...

Posted by: Chronocide Sep 22 2013, 08:21 PM
"I have many things that I wish to achieve, but I suppoose if I were to put it into words, my goal is to ensure that wherever I tread that realm be better for it."

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Sep 22 2013, 11:09 PM
Hitasura put a hand up to the hakuko mask and giggles, "I mean no disrespect Kitsune-san, but I take notice especially when you speak. Not just for your accent, but I understand that you choose your words very carefully. You said '...that realm be better for it.' not '... that the realm be better for it.' Do you have such a strong connection to your roots in the Kitsune Mori that you have been to Chikushudo?!"

Hitasura's response seems genuinely enthusiastic, but the giggle sounded definitely feminine.

Posted by: Chronocide Sep 23 2013, 04:22 PM
"I don't believe I have ever left Rokugan, but perhaps I have entertained spirits unaware. Not to mention there is noo knoowing where my travels may take me in the future."

Posted by: Itinerant Sep 23 2013, 05:19 PM
Reijiro curses under his breath. He feels his anxiety sinking in, compounding to the increasing weight on his legs. A sticky situation, it would seem. When strength fails, diction may prove more effective than a no-diachi.

"Most honorable creature, I did not mean to disturb your lair. I am journeying into this cave to seek out the Oni Lord, who has threatened my home land. He has killed companions of mine, and I seek justice. I believed him to be deeper still, but it seems I have intruded upon your resting place. My deepest apologies. As for the no-diachi, you are most clairvoyant, it is not mine. I have borrowed it from a kinsman and believe it to be the only way to defeat the Oni Lord.

Given the nature of your magic, and powerful presence, I can only guess that you must be one of the Naga. My people seldom have the honor of meeting your majestic race. Permit me to leave you, my lord, and if you can give aid to my quest, please do, for this demon threatens your home if he remains here."

Reijiro speaks with slow, concise pronounciation, trying to appear more brave than he feels.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Sep 24 2013, 07:04 PM
The creature steps toward Reijiro. Even sunk up to his knees in the stone they stand face to face. It dips a small, bird-like bow before speaking. "Ghyooou aarr roooneeen, ghyooou khave nnooo keenssmeen." It cocks its head as if listening to something beyond the human range of hearing. "Ghyeet Ghyooou dooh!? Gyooou ssspeekgh khalmooossst truii onn othter khcoonts. Theesss onne eesss nnooo Nhaaghaa, eesss Zohkoojeen." It turns halfway round looking back at the glowing pool of fine steel on the floor. Then without turning back it walks away from the ronin. "Commme hith. Hee tahk taa Maussstere." It stoops low and scoops up the glowing sword with one hand and walks into the wall triggering that fluid sound Reijiro heard before. As the sword slips inside the stone the light quickly disappears.


Hitasura nods appreciatively,
"I believe you are right Kitsune-san. We should quickly destroy this oni so that we can find out what the future holds. I hope that..." Suddenly she holds up one finger and whips her head around peering ahead down the passage. Daidoji Ebizu's back can be seen, and beyond him is Kaede and then the ratling who is out of sight.

At the front of the line Nik'rr'tck pauses to sniff the air. His ears strain for a faint sound he thought he heard, the scuffle of a small, bare foot. He gestures back to Kaede to halt and remain quiet while he listens further. A few more seconds go by before he hears it again, whatever it is it is small and there is only one of it, with the air heavy with taint he cannot determine anything from scent. He creeps back to the others and whispers to them what he has sensed.

Posted by: redeadlink Sep 25 2013, 06:21 PM
"Honour... and... duty! this is the strength of the Lion! If my armour and sword prevent me from my duty, I discard them! Guilty I may be, but that will not drain my will to do that which is expected of me!"

Akio sheds his armour and sword and wills his feet forward against that which is holding him back.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Sep 25 2013, 10:34 PM

Posted by: Chronocide Sep 28 2013, 07:29 AM
"It seems we may have our chance." Kiyoshi pats Hitasura on the shoulder and moves to catch up with the others.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Sep 30 2013, 07:30 AM
Nik'rrtck explains what he sensed as best he can.

"Small footsteps doesn't indicate the Oni Lord, but perhaps someone it has captured has escaped?" Puts forth Kaede.

Ebizu shakes his head with a grim look on his face.
"If that were the case I would think it a trap Kaede-san. The longer we hold off on facing the beast the longer he has to heal and prepare. We should not falter at every little noise or we will be too late. If it is a spawn we must deal with it sometime, better now than later with its master."

"Not all of us can see as well in the dark as our Nezumi friend here, we will need the torch, and regardless that will give advance notice of our arrival. Speed may be the best option." Hitasura reminds everyone, the shadows from the flame making her mask seem to open and close its mouth.


Akio feels resistance at first, but then a shrieking howl penetrates his mind and the presence is gone. He is on his knees and dripping with sweat. Moshi Kinyo stands above him and to her right stands some sort of being that the Lion has only heard stories about.
"That was a kansen that you faced Matsu-san, a very powerful one led here by the Oni Lord. I am sorry it attacked you, but it sensed that I had a protector." She gestures slightly to the form on her right. "I wasn't sure that you would survive."

A voice like gravel and crashing rocks echos in his head, "You have my blessing fiery Lion." The earth kami beside Kinyo reaches out and touches Akio's chest leaving a raised rocky patch of skin, "Call on us when you have need."

"I have been chosen, Akio-san, I can guide you to the next step of your journey, but I cannot see you complete it. Please tell Buntaro-sama that I will return to the Mantis Isles when I can. We should go, the Zukojin are ahead."

Posted by: redeadlink Sep 30 2013, 09:20 AM
Akio begins to protest, but cuts himself off. He bows,

"As you wish, Moshi-san."

He is a little confused as to why the shugenja cannot continue with them, but does not deign to question the earth kami.

Posted by: Chronocide Sep 30 2013, 09:08 PM
"I agree with Hitasura-san would should not waste time. 'If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub.'"

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Oct 2 2013, 07:22 AM
Daidoji Ebizu nods his assent. "The tunnel will only admit two of us at a time, you and I should take the charge on this one. Kaede, guard our rear. You there, Hitasura-san, throw your blades as you are able."

Hitasura nods her head without saying anything.


The small flame that guided there way continues on and both Matsu Akio and Moshi Kinyo follow after. The Earth kami rumbles along beside them for a while, partially seen, partially heard, and partially felt. When the pair arrive at the end of the tunnel in a small chamber it is gone.
"They will be here soon."

Posted by: redeadlink Oct 2 2013, 05:53 PM
Akio sits cross-legged on the floor of the chamber. After waiting in silence for a bit, he speaks.

"Moshi-san, how long was I struggling with the kansen, and what happened with you and the kami as I was doing so?"

Posted by: Chronocide Oct 2 2013, 07:06 PM
Kiyoshi gives a short nod and readies his katana moving into a complimentary stance with Ebizu.

Posted by: Itinerant Oct 28 2013, 11:42 AM
Reijiro is bewildered at the new turn of events. He has not heard of this creature before, and has little choice other than to follow it's command and venture with it to meet it's master. He attempts to walk to where he last saw the glowing light of the sword.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Nov 17 2013, 10:05 PM
The Ronin finds that he can move his feet once again. He steps up on to the floor level with ease and shuffles a few steps through the dark to where the wall admitted the strange creature. He touches it cautiously and it moves like thick water, then he pushes his hand through and his wrist is caught by a scaled hand and he is pulled through forcibly. Inside the stone he loses all sense of direction and sound, just a rushing of liquid fills his ears. But the grip on his wrist remains constant and soon he is tugged out of the stone into the open of a quiet cavern.

The glow of the melted blade illuminates his guide who lets go of his wrist and beckons for the samurai to follow. They walk for some time in silence until the Zukojin stops and chitters something in a queer tongue and two more of its kind, bearing finely wrought steel polearms, materialize from a flat wall in front of them. A few words are exchanged in the creatures' own tongue and the two guards bow slightly to the Reijiro and stand aside. Again his guide pulls him through the wall by his wrist, but this time the journey is shorter. They end up in an organized living space with more Zukojin wandering the low stone halls. One comes forward, garbed in iridescent robes, and bows to Reijiro.
"Thisss one weel take yhou to the Masster. Fhollow."

The guide nods for him to follow the other Zukojin but makes no move to accompany.


"You were not fighting long, though it may have seemed like a lifetime to you." Moshi Kinyo replies, "As for what transpired between the kami and myself, it has been going on for some time now, and it is a personal matter that I will not discuss." She takes a seat across from the Lion and crosses her own legs. After a while she speaks. "They are coming. Do not be surprised at their appearance, for they are friends of the earth and may offer you some help."

True to her word within a minute there is a strange liquid sound and a wall of the cavern shimmers in the magical light and two figures emerge from it. One is wears an iridescent robe and a strange hat, the other appears to be garbed as a guard. But are not human in the least. Kinyo immediately stands and bows low to the robed Zukojin, a gesture it returns with practiced solemnity.


Daidoji Ebizu nods back and both samurai rush down the corridor. Behind them follow Kaede, Nik'rr'tck, and Hitasura, weapons ready and torch held high and flickering furiously. All that stands in the cavern is a small child, a girl by the length of her hair which falls down from her bowed head to cover her face. She is barefoot and dirty, and a pitiful whimper escapes her lips.
"Do not hesitate!" Reminds Ebizu-san through gritted teeth.

Posted by: Chronocide Nov 18 2013, 06:34 PM
"Curse the fiend" Kiyoshi winces, he had been expecting the oni to do something like this. It's a double edged sword; either the girl is just a shell ready to ambush or she is still human and the oni plans to demoralize us by having us slay her. Either way a feint is the best option.
"Do not lose focus" Reminds Kiyoshi

Posted by: redeadlink Nov 19 2013, 03:23 AM
Akio follows Moshi Kinyo's lead and bows deeply to the creatures. He is wary of them though, having never seen anything like them before.

Posted by: Itinerant Dec 2 2013, 08:11 AM
Reijiro warily follows the summons, eyes darting around, seeing no other option than to venture forward.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Dec 5 2013, 01:36 AM
Zukojin step aside as Reijiro is led through the low halls, they nod deferentially as the robed guide passes and watch quietly as the ronin follows. After a few turns and another journey through solid stone they arrive in a larger circular chamber. Seated around a table shaped like a ring are half a dozen robed Zukojin. His guide takes an empty seat and motions for the human to take the next available seat.

What Reijiro assumes is a female Zukojin, due to her more slender figure and generally more feminine garb, approaches him with a platter of roots and nuts, a cup, and a pitcher of water.

"Ples be etting. Yhou muussst be veery hoongry efter yhour djourney." The Zukojin at the opposite side of the table says with a slight flourish of his hand.

The nuts are familiar, as ronin don't fare well with peasant charity, but most of the roots are unfamiliar to him. The water is cool and crisp, and with each sip he feels like he has never had better. He begins to feel a little at ease.

While he is eating the Zukojin talk and debate amongst themselves. Reijiro can understand none of it, not even anything that might sound rokugani stands out with their heavy accents and plentiful hissing sounds. Finally they turn and appraise him before the apparent leader poses to him a single question.
"Yhou do noht rightly posssesss theess weepon, yhou deed noht awahken thee sspireet insside eet, eet ess ovf thee earth end whe shoulhd klame eet, but eet lussts aftehr black bloud wheech ess eetss desstinee; why do yhou kary eet?"


The Robed Zukojin returns Akio's bow as well and then turns back to Moshi Kinyo.
"Bleesssed ovf thee earth, weelkom! Whe arr heere to sserve yhou."

Kinyo takes the statement in stride, "We seek the stolen blade of his grandfather. We must get it back to defeat the oni lord that is ravaging the lands above with its vile offspring. I have promised Matsu Akio-san to see him that far at least. Your help would be appreciated in this matter."

"Whe knoow thees meetal, eet kame to us forh a purpouss. Whe knoow thees oni, eet doess noht kuncern us."


As Kiyoshi's sword rushes toward his target his eyes meet hers. There is no recognition, but there is something still human about her, or is there? He really has no idea what the oni lord is capable of at this point. Regardless, just as he is halting his strike for the feint the girl reacts and dodges fluidly away. Daidoji Ebizu is there too, however, and though she jerks quickly back the other way his strike is true and he cuts open her side. Red blood bursts forth but her face shows no sign of pain.

She recovers and stands still a little ways back and then folds almost in half to dodge a trio of flying daggers let loose by Hitasura. She quickly snaps back upright and twists so her arms flail out and with only a seconds notice and a slight glint from the torchlight Kiyoshi feels something sting his leg. He hears Ebizu grunt in pain beside him, and the sound of glass shattering on rock behind him.

"That was close!" Exclaims Kaede. "Watch out for her knives, I think they're glass or something."

"Obsidian." Hitasura corrects.

Posted by: redeadlink Dec 5 2013, 08:32 PM
Akio almost falls over at the Zukojin's claim.

"With all due respect, how does it not concern you? This oni has tainted even the earth around its lair. With time, it may well taint your own home, leeching the life from these very stones. Will it concern you then?"

*Though they seem to know of my blade, it bodes ill that they have "a purpose" for it. I may not get it back from them, and that would bode ill for my family.*

Posted by: Chronocide Dec 10 2013, 07:26 PM
"tch" Kiyoshi clicks his tongue. He knows there is nothing for it now but to take of its head. He charges forward to do just that.

Posted by: Itinerant Dec 19 2013, 08:46 AM
Reijiro looks around at his hosts, feeling more and more like a captive. He glares into the eyes of the one who addresses and says, "The reasons for taking the sword are my own. You have bigger problems to worry about. The Oni Lord will soon corrupt this whole place and your home with it. Let me have the Sword that I may defeat the Oni Lord. Lead me to him, and I promise you shall be spared of his wrath."

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Dec 22 2013, 12:41 AM
The Zukojin seem to take no offense at Reijiro's disrespectful tone, likely lost in translation, and nod when he finishes. They begin to talk to one another in their own tongue yet again and the ronin can only assume that not all of the gathered leaders understand the surface language.

The apparent head of the council addresses him once more.
"Eef thess oni ess an kuncern tu uss, et ess as yhou sey. Yhou, though, aer noht the ssoul-keen of the blade, whe weel noht geev eet tu yhou. Eef whe guide yhou tu thess oni, yhou weel die!"

The speaker stands up at the head of the table and the others follow suit. "Whe must deecide thess efter whe kunsult the earth. Bhe oure guest here." Again he flourishes his hand and with a small bow backs out of the room into the stone walls. Before Reijiro can even jump up the rest of the Zukojin have done the same. Now he really feels like their prisoner.


Moshi Kinyo nods her head in time with what Akio is saying,
"We must be allowed to convince your elders of the importance of this one's task. He is right when he speaks of the corruption spreading deeply into the earth. If you doubt it commune with this earth kami here!" She gestures over her shoulder and the massive kami emerges partially from the stone wall, its face impassive.

The Zukojin gasps and backs up a step before prostrating himself before them.
"Forgeev me Bleesssed ovf thee earth. I weel take yhou before the kounceel right eway."

The creature stads and steps to the wall and disappears halfway inside. Then he extends his arm to Kinyo who takes it and follows him in extending her arm to Akio.


Daidoji Ebisu shakes off the pain of his old injuries and new and charges in right alongside Kiyoshi. The samurai feel wind pass their ears as Kaede fires an arrow at the girl between them. She collapses to the ground in a heap and the arrow flies harmlessly above her. Just as the two samurai reach her, swords raised for killing blows she straightens up and jumps clear over their heads, high into the shadowy recesses of the caverns ceiling. Their blades bite stone and sparks fly. Something glints in the flickering torchlight as their eyes follow her leap, more projectiles from the peak of her ascent coming straight at Kiyoshi.
"Look out!" Shouts an always helpful Kaede.

Posted by: redeadlink Dec 22 2013, 10:34 AM
Akio grasps Moshi Kinyo's arm without hesitation.

*Walking through stone? This is new. But as long as we complete our task, I'll do whatever is needed.*

Posted by: Chronocide Dec 27 2013, 07:54 PM
Kiyoshi's feet press down hard against the stone floor as he reverses his momentum. He ducks as the sensation of wind passes over his head and shattering can be heard as the obsidian kunai strike the cave floor where he would have been had he not so quickly changed course.
Kiyoshi continues full speed towards where the dark the figure will land his sword at the ready to meet it where it will fall.

Posted by: Itinerant Dec 28 2013, 09:17 AM
Reijiro sulks.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Jan 7 2014, 01:11 AM
While Reijiro broods the female Zukojin that served him approaches once again. In his mood he hadn't even noticed that she was there, or perhaps she had left and was now returning... She ducks her head in a bobbing sort of bow and stares at the ronin with her large slit-pupil eyes. She looks quite alien to him, but not frightening. She turns to leave and then as if some internal struggle compels her she faces the human again. "Pleaasse, yhou moost kanvince the eeldars tu lhet yhou . .. .. dho bettle on ohni!"


Kiyoshi times it perfectly to intercept the falling demon-child, but she does not come down. He hears scuffling above as if she walks a ledge in the dark. More glints of obsidian and he ducks and rolls out of the way once more.

When he looks up again the girl is approaching fast, head first with her arms at her sides, straight at Daidoji Ebizu on the other side of the cavern. The twice injured Iron Crane is just coming out of his evasive roll and will not be able to bring his weapon to bear.


Where before when he touched her Kinyo's skin was warm to the touch, she now feels as cold and unyielding as stone. Her grip is strong though as her hand finds his and the Lion takes comfort in the fact that she seems to know what she's doing. There is a rumbling to their left as the earth kami travels with them.

After some time they emerge in a cavern guarded by more Zukojin, and like Reijiro they are led further into the subterranean complex. An elder greets them with a bow as they enter the central corridor.
"Ahh, weelkum ghests. Pleaassse tahke sssom rhest and be et eassse. Whe weesh tu sshare sstoories weeth yhou at yhour pleaassure."

Posted by: redeadlink Jan 8 2014, 06:51 PM
Akio folds his legs under him and waits.

*Stories are all well and good, but we must fight this oni and I must get my sword back.*

He looks around at the stone room.

*However, it doesn't appear that I am going anywhere for the time being.*

"Moshi-sama, what is this mark on my chest?" he asks, his curiosity finally getting the best of him.

Posted by: Chronocide Jan 19 2014, 09:39 PM
Having time for nothing else Kiyoshi excises the only option available to him. He throws his wakazashi at the creature and prays it hits its mark.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Feb 2 2014, 06:20 PM
I'm sorry again for taking so long here. Life is busy.

Toku Kaede releases his arrow and prays to the fortunes that it is accurate. Both arrow and wakizashi fly through the air, but the arrow makes contact first, snipping through the strand and dropping the demon-child forward at an awkward angle. The sudden change in direction causes Kiyoshi's weapon to go high of the mark, cleanly severing the remaining strands with a chorus of metallic *pings*. The girl collapses in a bleeding heap on top of Ebizu and does not move.

Above the group, in the darkened recesses of the cavern ceiling, a shrill hiss betrays the true foe. There are some scrabbling sounds and then silence.

Daidoji Ebizu gently rolls the girl over and inspect her.
"It is like flexible steel wire. How did you see it Kaede-san? And how did you know you could cut through it?"

Kaede, still holding his bow ready and glancing up at the ceiling, scratches his head. "I saw them just after she threw the obsidian daggers, the light was behind me and they glinted a little from that. When she didn't come down right away I figured that there was something else up there controlling her. How is she?"

Ebizu checks the large wound he cut in her side, red blood still flows freely. Her skin is pale and cool. Hitasura puts her hand on his shoulder. "We could not have known Daidoji-san, best just to finish this and move on. The head must be removed."


Moshi Kinyo circles the room in silence, then she extends her hand palm downward and a short pillar of stone lifts fluidly from the ground. She takes a seat on it and regards Akio.
"The mark is a symbol of the blessing you have gained from the earth, it will shine out like a beacon to all who are able to see it. It is a high honour. The blessings mortals normally receive from the earth are small things, like bountiful harvests and children who don't easily get sick. How your blessing will manifest is impossible to tell, but it will be powerful."

A Zukojin servant enters the room with refreshments, deep spring water and roots and nuts. Kinyo takes some and munches on them absently. The Zukojin bows and offers them to Akio nervously.

Suddenly an elder bursts into the room and rattles off a question to the servant quickly. He must repeat himself before the girl is capable of giving him and answer. Whatever she says seems to enrage him and he lifts his hand to strike her completely forgetting the guests.

Posted by: redeadlink Feb 7 2014, 07:04 PM
Akio takes a serving of the food when it is offered. When the elder strikes the servant, he gives a disapproving cough.

Posted by: Itinerant Feb 22 2014, 12:16 PM
Reijiro's sulking continues.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Feb 23 2014, 12:39 AM
Matsu Akio feels a strong urge to leave this place.

Moshi Kinyo stands up and glares at the Elder who appears to remember himself and bows repeatedly while apologizing.

"What was that for esteemed Elder?" She asks.

The Elder continues to bow and begins to back away toward an outer wall.
"Eess nhutinhg yhou ssshould bhe kooncerned weeeth."

Posted by: Chronocide Feb 23 2014, 05:02 PM
Kiyoshi gathers his swords to his belt and draws hit katana.
Then with a remorseful response.

"Come Daidjoi-san, you have enough wounds, allow me bare this one." and with that, Kiyoshi decapitates the lifeless girl. He pauses only a moment and without looking at what has been done continues on.
"We still have more that must be done."

Posted by: redeadlink Feb 24 2014, 02:58 PM
"I thank you for your hospitality, but I must carry on with my mission."

Akio gets up and prepares his things.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Apr 26 2014, 10:19 PM
A two month hiatus for which I must apologize yet again. Let us attempt to pick up where we left off. With the addition of a new player no less.

Moshi Kinyo raises an eyebrow at the Zukojin elder. He stands there, half bowed with his mouth hanging open waiting for her reaction and slowly backs toward a wall. Kinyo closes her eyes and sighs. When Akio has gathered his things she open them again and says, "Come, the ronin is no longer here and he has your No-dachi."

She approaches the wall opposite where the elder is slowly shuffling and extends her hand. Looking over at the surprised Zukojin she advises Akio, "I never needed their assistance. But do not blame them for this cowardice, they too have been deceived. And their caution was born out of reverence to the spirit for your weapon, not entirely out of greed."

Not waiting for the Lion to grab her hand she starts into the stone.


Daidoji Ebizu struggles to his feet, his face an emotionless steel mask.
"Yes we do Kitsune-san, yes we do."

Nik'rr'tck walks past the dead child and sniffs, then he peers into the darkness above and sniffs some more.

Keade says a short prayer to the fortunes for the girls spirit and then rushes across the room to recover his spent arrows. One is broken, but the other seems fine. When he bends over to pick it up another object, glinting in the torchlight catches his eye. He picks it up and examines it briefly before putting it into his pocket.

Hitasura picks the torch up from off the floor and follows after the others down the next low tunnel.

Soon the distant sound of plinking water reaches their ears. They come to a fork in the tunnel and pause to consider their options.
"Smell strong this way, that way. Both fresh. Which we go-go?" Nik'rr'tck asks. His head cocks first right and then left as if thinking or listening or both. The sound of water which has been getting stronger comes from the left path.


Reijiro holds on tightly to the scaled hand of the Zukojin servant girl, his other clasped tightly around the grip of the reformed No-Dachi. When he found it again he was quite surprised at how perfectly it was put back together and how well they had cleaned it and polished it. If he could see it through the stone he would marvel some more, however the servant had promised to take him to the oni's lair and it would only be a matter of time before his skills as a samurai were put to the test.

The odds would be terrible enough when fighting an oni lord in a group, but alone, even with a nemuranai... Things could be worse.

The ronin is snapped out of his thoughts as the servant begins to slow. She squeezes his hand and he feels her other hand guide him forward. He brings the sword up in front of him as he emerges from the stone with a quiet fluid sound. Before his eyes can adjust he notices that the blade is glowing very brightly. He tucks it behind his leg as much as possible lest its light give him away.

Looking around he sees that he is very high up on a very narrow ledge, so narrow that his toes peek over the edge. There is a lot of noise coming from 30 feet below him, a lot of movement, black furred bodies pacing to and fro. But his attention is distracted by the sudden appearance of a human face in front of him wearing a hideous grin.

Posted by: Greg Apr 28 2014, 11:29 AM
Kaede momentarily grimaces in frustration. Another fork, another point to either divide our forces our forces again, or to take a chance and risk losing the quarry altogether. After a few further seconds of thought, Kaede's face lights up, having come up with an idea. Thinking back, Kaede recalls a childhood fascination in watching the peasants carve paths through the soil that water would always follow, as an animal would follow a trail of food.

"Water always flows from high places to low places. The oni may be able to follow it either up or downstream to a way out of this Maze." Kaede then gives a slight shrug, suggesting a lack of confidence in his own suggestion. "Either way, it would be dangerous to split ourselves further than we already are. I suggest we take a chance on the direction that seems most likely to be the way that the demon went."

<hey everyone. In honor of our new player, I've decided to rejoin the campaign. While we still seem to be pursuing an oni through the caves, it feels like there is enough new stuff happening to renew my inteurest.>

Posted by: redeadlink Apr 28 2014, 07:12 PM
*Once more unto the breach...* Akio gives the zukojin a disapproving glance before following the shugenja into the wall.

Posted by: Chronocide Apr 29 2014, 06:06 PM
"Toku-san's reasoning has merit, we head towards the sound of water."

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur May 7 2014, 12:01 AM
With a soundless fluidity the pair move quickly through the stone. Akio is again aware of the massive spirit beside him, watching over Moshi Kinyo. They slide out into a cavern and the kami emerges almost fully from the stone. It says something to the Mantis shugenja in a voice that is like the sound of a distant avalanche but is still unmistakably a language. She nods her head and looks at the Lion. "We are quite near. I have been called away, but I may help to turn the tide in your favour just once." She pulls out a roll of parchment from her kimono and a brush and vial of ink from her obi. Kneeling on the stone floor she begins to write. Expecting the strange words of a spell to be unintelligible to him Akio only glances at it casually, but then realizes that she is writing a letter to her commander Yoritomo Buntaro. "I need you to deliver this for me, only to Buntaro-sama or Foushou-sama." She hands him the rolled up letter and then pulls a silken cord from around her neck with a delicate silver butterfly hanging from it. she looks at it sadly and then hands it too to Akio. "Keep that safe and give it to Akinori-san. If he asks tell him where I have gone."


A short ways down the left hand path the tunnel opens up into a small cavern. Water droplets plink from three long stalactites high up on the ceiling into a small, deep pool in the cavern floor. From there the water slowly, drop by drop spills its bounds and trickles down a fissure in the floor. A slightly sulfuric smell wafts up from the fissure, but it is too narrow for any save perhaps the ratling to attempt to explore, and Nik'rr'tck does his best to stay as far from the crack as possible.

The fissure does head in the same general direction as the path, however, and as the group continues they find they must cross it back and forth multiple times. This is easy at first, just a simple hop, but eventually the gap in the floor gets wider and wider and the crossings more and more frequent. The noxious smell pools in the low spots of the tunnel and the torches sputter in the murky air.

"I do not like this, but I cannot argue that what makes me uncomfortable would likely make an oni comfortable" Daidoji Ebizu says as they stop for a short rest. Their water is running low and the atmosphere has begun to oppress them.

Nik'rr'tck plays with his bone blade, holding it by the tip and balancing it on his claw. Suddenly his hackles stand up and his ears go flat against his head. He crouches down and his lips curl back in a silent snarl.

Hitasura likewise moves into a defensive stance without warning. She peers down the tunnel ahead and motions everyone to move against the side of the walls. Suddenly the walls and floor start to vibrate and shake, a buzz and then a rumble. There is suddenly a crash and then a high pitch shriek of terror and the rumbling stops. The scream hangs on the thick air a moment or two after it ends, and then a deafening roar shakes their world again.

Posted by: redeadlink May 7 2014, 06:17 PM
Akio solemnly accepts both the letter and the cord. He bows deeply to the shugenja and then hardens himself for battle.

Posted by: Greg May 8 2014, 10:18 PM
Kaede steadies himself, with one hand and gripping his katana in the other. "If I didn't know any better, I'd almost think we were descending into the festering pit of Fu Leng!" Feeling a faint tickle of fear winding in his chest, Kaede is made aware by the body language of the others that they may be fighting their own fears as well. Gathering his Wits, Kaede regains his Composure and attempts to rally his allies. "While I didn't expect us to find ourselves in a place like this, we must still be on the Oni's trail. Keep courage, friends. Even if this place is a portal to jikogu itself, it will only make it easier for us to send the abomination back into it!"

Posted by: Chronocide May 11 2014, 08:12 PM
Kiyoshi widens his stance using his knees to absorb the shaking and keep balance. katana in hand and steely eyed he awaits what is to come

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur May 12 2014, 12:10 AM
Moshi Kinyo returns Akio's bow. Then she pulls out a scroll from her obi, and extending her hand once more to the Lion, begins to slide through the stone wall.

As they near their goal Akio feels himself assailed by an unseen force, a pressure that he must push himself against in order to keep going. He struggles and almost loses his grip on the shugenja's hand, but the steadfast presence of the earth kami beside him pushes him onward.

As they emerge from the stone the sounds of battle ring harshly in their ears. There is very little light in this cavern, what is present comes from two sources: On the far side is a jagged chasm that casts a ruddy glow against the wall above it, and in the center of the open area is a sword glowing blue scything back and forth, maiming and cleaving dark forms wherever it strikes. Kinyo instinctively crouches down and scoots to the left to gain the cover of a pile of stone. She peers over her protection gauging the threat.


Daidoji Ebizu looks at his two samurai comrades,
"Too bad the Deathseeker is not here with us. It sounds as if we are in for a glorious end!" He grins widely and draws his katana and wakizashi.

Hitasura responds without looking back,
"I think he might already be there, or at least someone is ahead doing battle."

Nik'rr'tck begins to slink ahead, hackles still raised, bone blade at the ready. His tail twitches back and forth and he seems to be mumbling to himself.

Posted by: redeadlink May 12 2014, 01:43 AM
*about time*

The Lion grasps his dai-tsuchi and leaps into combat with a fierce battlecry. He charges the first spawn he sees and swings his hammer in a massive overhead arc.

Posted by: Greg May 14 2014, 05:08 PM
Kaede proceeds cautiously towards the sound of battle.

Posted by: Chronocide May 15 2014, 10:11 PM
"A glorious end perhaps but even better to go on defending Rokugan." Kiyoshi moves toward the sound of battle with just his wakazashi, obi, fundoshi, and sandles.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur May 19 2014, 10:44 PM
Please note: Kiyoshi does not bear his katana. It was left lodged in the gullet of the Oni Lord earlier in the battle.
Moshi Kinyo shakes her head and mutters to herself. "And here I was going to cast Stone Skin on him before we announced our arrival..."

The shugenja watches the Lion rush headlong into the side of an unsuspecting oni spawn. She doesn't flinch at the sound of crunching bones as the great dai-tsuchi slams into the creatures spine. Its back legs give out, now useless, but it turns and snaps with slavering jaws.


Nik'rr'tck stops in the tunnel ahead. It is a good twelve feet until the cavern opens up, and from this angle there is very little illumination, but the Ratling's excellent night vision helps him hone in on the action in the dark. He tenses his body and springs ahead with a whispered,
"Tomorrow brothers!" A few seconds later the sound of an oni howl comes hurtling up the tunnel. It sounds like it is in pain.

Daidoji Ebizu raises he katana high and holds his wakizashi before him, then looks back at Kitsune Kiyoshi and Toku Kaede. He gestures with his head toward where the Ratling disappeared.
"Heh." Is all he says and then he turns and runs after the Nezumi.

Posted by: Greg May 20 2014, 01:52 PM
Joining the charge, Kaede rushes headlong into the darkness, following in a delta on the Crane's right, his katana gripped firmly with both hands and ready to lend the strength of his blade against anything in their path. His momentary fear gone, replaced with a fierce determination, Kaede's expression bears a striking resemblance to the immortalized Toku, Fortune of Virtue and founder of the Monkey clan, eyes staring fearlessly into an unknown future. Kaede's warcry mirrors that whispered by his Nezumi friend, as he joins Nik'rr'tck and all gathered in this moment to fighting against the twisted darkness that threatens to become the future of their common homeland of Rokugan.


Posted by: redeadlink May 20 2014, 04:48 PM
As the oni turns to snap at the Lion, he ducks under it and slices his tanto across its throat, then charges the next one.

Posted by: Chronocide May 20 2014, 05:23 PM
Kiyoshi holds his wakazashi to his side and walks after the others. He focuses on only the sounds his sandals make as they strike the stone ground and tries to filter out everything else there is nothing but the steady rhythm of his walking.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Jun 10 2014, 10:50 PM
Black blood flows freely and with an infernal warmth over Akio's hand as his short blade bites flesh. The snapping jaws continue to follow him around but his charge soon outdistances the creature's reach. It drags itself after him with its four front legs but is pulled up short by a stone spike erupting from the ground into its midsection. Kinyo smiles slightly.

Matsu Akio doesn't even notice her aid as he approaches his next foe. It faces him and roars in defiance displaying a bifurcated lower jaw that gapes open to swallow him whole. The bushi can see the muscles in the spawns neck contracting as if it were about to spit hork a lougie.

To the right around the curve of the cavern Nik'rr'tck races across an open area and then scampers partially up a wall before launching himself on the back of an unsuspecting oni spawn. He grips his gifted bone blade tightly and plunges it into the creature's face. Despite not appearing very sharp the weapon slides into the skull plate like a chopstick into an over-steamed dumpling. He repeats this action five more times as the demon writhes beneath him.

Daidoji Ebizu's charge is much less acrobatic and the samurai, still stiff from his previous injuries, finds himself closing with an oni spawn taller than himself. The beast is distracted by the nezumi's daring leap and attack on his fellow spawn and does not notice the Crane until a measured stroke takes its foreleg off at the knee. Daidoji moves left to strike at the other foreleg and Kaede, following on the right, is faced with an unbalanced and quite angry oni maw rushing down at him.

Kitsune Kiyoshi enters the cavern more calmly. The sound of battle doesn't touch him as he walks in time to his footsteps. Internally the rhythm syncs up with the subconscious memory of his kata, he doesn't follow each motion, but with each step he is perfectly prepared to strike. He doesn't notice that the oni on his left is rearing up to crush Nik'rr'tck, just that it is the opportune moment to act.


On the opposite side of the cavern, in the dim glow from the volcanic vents, Reijiro thrusts home the glowing five foot long sword into yet another oni spawn. The creature sputters and chokes and then shrieks and smokes as the awakened blade burns it from within.

Posted by: redeadlink Jun 11 2014, 08:43 PM
The Lion vaults to the side.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Jun 12 2014, 01:41 AM
A stream of putrid acid hisses through the air to where the Lion's head was moments before. Thick opaque eye protectors have covered the spawns six eyes to protect it from the vile brew.

Posted by: Greg Jun 12 2014, 06:09 AM
Kaede tumbles forward, rolling under and around the reach of the oni's claws and teeth. In a fluid motion Kaede spins his blades into the oni's back at the same movement. Not a moment after ebizu strike's the creaturr's other leg, the force of Kaede's blow sends it toppling forward.

Posted by: Chronocide Jun 12 2014, 11:37 AM
The rhythm stops; the sound of rushing wind; and then.
In an instance a blade severs the tendons of the reading spawn, as it falls to gain its balance the wakazashi pierces through the spawn's skull.
*Thok* *Thok* The sandals strike the stone ground.
Kiyoshi heads further in waiting for his instincts to select the next target.

Posted by: redeadlink Jun 17 2014, 10:22 PM
The Lion laughs again, his lust for battle fully awakening. his hammer lashes out, smashing into the shoulder of the spawn.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Jul 8 2014, 01:00 AM
Chitinous carapace crackles under the impact of the mighty dai-tsuchi and the oni spawn howls in pain spewing acidic bile over one of it's brethren. The other spawn lashes out and claws the wounded creature in the throat. There is some gurgling and then a whole lot of spasming.

Akio steps past the beast intent on locating another target. He feels the ground shudder before he sees it and quickly turns to size it up with his good eye. It is larger than the last one and has a number of broken arrows sticking out of it's side and neck, signs of previous battle experience. It opens its slavering jaws to reveal the glint of an unfortunate samurai's katana nestled in between its teeth. It lunges.

Kaede jerks his blades free of the dying creature and catches Ebizu's eye. The Crane nods at him to follow and then heads left around the perimeter of the cavern. There are some rock outcroppings that provide cover and the samurai rests his back against one of these and whispers to the Monkey.
"There are others fighting in here. Do you hear that bellow, it must be the Lion. And look, there is a glow on the far side that is reminiscent of his no-dachi. What do you think?"

Kiyoshi is a calm stone in the midst of a rushing stream. Somehow he has focused himself to the point where the spawn seem not to notice him, or if they do they forget him again. The moment is right, an oni spawn rushes past to pounce on Nik'rr'tck, oblivious to the deadly Fox.

Nik'rr'tck caresses his gift gently and then scampers up the wall to gain an advantage in height and survey his surroundings.

Posted by: Chronocide Jul 9 2014, 01:40 PM
The spawn is filleted by Kiyoshi's blade as it runs by. From chin to loin, a deep cut between the chitin and bone opens the spawn like a gutted fish.

Bushido is realized in the presence of death. This means choosing death whenever there is a choice between life and death. There is not other reasoning.

Kiyoshi has often heard these words, and while he may never believe them, for the first time, he can at least understand them.

Posted by: Greg Jul 17 2014, 10:57 AM
"I think the fortunes may be smiling on us, that our paths converge again in a place like this. If Matsu-san claiming his sword back from Reijiro-san, that is between them... For now. Though It's more likely in a place like this, that they are fighting a more important battle. I say, we let duty come before honor, matching steel against our common enemy." Kaede switches two a two handed stance with his katana, expecting a greater need for strength and precision in the fight before him.

Posted by: redeadlink Aug 22 2014, 01:02 AM
"Haha, a more worthy opponent! But not worthy enough to make an end of me!"

The great hammer lashes towards the oni's gut.

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