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Posted by: Greg Nov 22 2017, 10:16 AM
A woman's voice rouses you from your sleep. Opening your eyes, you quickly survey the room for the source of the voice. You see nobody, merely the Spartan furnishings of the officer's quarters that you have temporarily claimed for your personal use. You are about to dismiss the voice as a fragment of a dream when the voice calls out again.
Sitting up, you are able to ascertain the direction of the voice. You turn towards the window behind your bed to see a large Raven perched on the sill. It continues to speak to you, still with a woman's voice.
"Acolyte! What has happened here? Where are the Black Guard, and why are you sleeping here instead of the Garrison room?"

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Nov 22 2017, 02:22 PM
Eckhart quickly scrambles to his knees and bows his head. "My Lord." He says. He hurriedly tries to cover the puckered, pink stump of his missing right hand. "I am at your service."

He looks past the raven to try to a certain the time of night before continuing.

"I am here because the barracks are filled with disreputable mercenaries. Of the Black Guard I do not know. They are gone, killed or captured as likely as not. I am part of the Marienburg Irregulars and when we came here three days past this fortress was occupied by a Vampire Lord and a vile necromancer. We destroyed the necromancer but the vampire escaped us. Our orders are to recover an artifact for our commander, and so we have hired mercenaries." There is frustration in his voice, as if he resents this turn as a lapdog to the political elite. He quietly awaits the judgement he feels is coming.

Posted by: Greg Nov 25 2017, 05:24 PM
The raven gives a gleeful cackle, hopping back and forth as it speaks in a loud and croaking voice.


The Raven's prancing mockery of you is cut short as it suddenly seems to choke. When it recovers, it's voice has returned to the womanly voice with which the raven first spoke to you.

"I apologise for my Familiar's conduct. He is a rather vain bird, and it would be wise to avoid stroking his ego.
I am Isolde, journeyman wizard and agent of the shroud. I suppose thanks are in order to you and your company. Your actions in sanctifying this place has cleaned up enough of the dear upon this place, allowing me to re-establish my connection to Orpheus here. I fear I must ask if you would be willing to assist us further? The Vampire Counts of Sylvania are preparing for war, and you may be the only of Morr's faithful within Mordheim that may have a chance of thwarting their plans for this city."

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Dec 15 2017, 02:08 PM
Eckhart flushes with embarrassment. If it were not so late he would have picked up on the voice more. He kicks himself for being a fool. *what does he know of the Shroud?*

He straightens up and then sits on the edge of his bedroll. "My Lady Isolde, it is alright. The situation sounds dire indeed. My companions are set on a course of action that they must follow so I cannot speak for them, but I am at your service, such as it may be," He holds up the stump of his hand, "I have dedicated myself to serving Morr until the end. How can I help?"

Posted by: Greg Dec 24 2017, 12:11 PM
You know that the Agents of the shroud serve as the eyes and ears of the church of Morr. They often work in conjunction with other groups , such as the Knights of the Raven to counter the workings of the undead.

"Gather what gear and provisions you will need. If you can enlist any in your company to assist us, that would also be beneficial, though you will need to move quickly if we are to outmaneuver our enemies."

You know that in addition to the mercenaries stationed here are Hurgar, Heinz, and Udo. Hilda and Rudigar are currently away on business.

Posted by: Jimbo Cactaur Jan 9 2018, 01:30 AM
"I will try to bring help." Eckhart replies, "Where shall we meet you?"

He tries to recall which of the available companions is the most religious, and most likely to accept such a mission.

Posted by: Greg Jan 14 2018, 11:00 AM
You have known Heinz to give some observance towards Morr, though he is more frequently prays to Sigmar for his own protection. While superstitious, he is not overly pious.

Hurgar has his own gods and ancestors whom he worships, though he shares in Morr's enmity towards the undead, as necromancy disgraces the honored dead.

Udo does not follow any deities that you are aware of, and frankly has little use to you aside from hauling wydstone, or perhaps as bait.

“Meet Orpheus outside the gate. I may not be able to communicate directly with you through him, but he can lead you around any potential threats towards “The Rock”, the fortress of the Sisterhood of Sigmar. They will likely be able to give you further information and aid”.
The giant raven turns and flies from the window cill, leaving you looking off into the dark and rainy city.

Posted by: Greg Jan 20 2018, 02:43 PM
Before you leave the window, you see flickering torches approaching by the road. As they get closer, you can identify the colors of your company returning from their mission. If they have managed to claim the Duke's sword, then seeing it to Marienburg will be a priority, though perhaps you have the opportunity to obtain more help for your quest. (Continuing in the new pbp thread)

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